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Satine DiMonté

Dazzling,Tantalizing and an Unique Burlesque Performer


Satine Di Monte Red Hot Enchanted Burlesque

Satine Di Monte performs burlesque live at Enchanted Burlesque - Red Hot which took place on 3rd August 2013 at The Crescent Theatre. Keep up to date with our shows and news by visiting our website ht...

29th January - North Wales Burlesque Festival

6th Feb - Private Event, Shrewsbury

14th Feb - Looking Glass Burlesque, Chester

9th April - Mind Charity Show - Chester

10th April - Sync n Fling, Birmingham

20th May - Black Tassel Lounge @ Lion Quays Hotel

28th 29th May - Steam Punk Festival, Crewe

25th June - Black Tassel Lounge, Oswestry

1st October - Revelation Show, Birmingham

31st January - Private Party, Whitchurch

8th February - Burlesque Workshop

13th & 15th Feb - Looking Glass Burlesque, chester

1st March - Secrets of the Boudoir, Sheffield

7th March - Private Event, Wrenbury

14th March - Leelas Parade, London

28th March - Private Party, Nottingham

10th April - Venus Starr Show, Leicester

1st - 3rd May - Cabaresque, Denmark

9th May - Corsets N Cabaret, Shrewsbury

30th May - Private Booking

12th June - Black Tassel, Oswestry

19th June - Looking Glass Burlesque, Helsby

26th June - RAF COSFORD, Corporate Event

4th July - BCB, Birmingham

11th September - WI Private Workshop

20th November - Custard factory, Birmingham

4th December - Private Party, Keele Hall

5th December - Black Tassel Cabaret

11th December - Black Tassel Cabaret


25th Jan - Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque, Sheffield

8th Feb - Private Booking TBC

14th Feb - Flirty Not Dirty, Hampton Court

15th Feb - Corsets & Cabaret, Wrexham

1st MArch - Private Booking, Derby

13th & 14th March - Corporate Event, Preston

15th March - Ladies Evening, Oswestry

29th March - Private Party (Daytime) Powys

12th April - Looking Glass Burlesque, Oswaldtwistle

17th April - Hilton Hotel, Liverpool

3rd May - Corporate Booking - Moreton Hall< Oswestry

14th June - Private Booking, Huddersfield

21st June - London

12th July - Secrets of The Boudoir, Sheffield

13th July - Corporate Booking, Cheshire

19th July - Manchester United Corporate Party

2nd Aug - Embraced Burlesque, Wolvehampton

15th - 17th August - Beautiful Days Festival, Devon

22nd- 24th August - Blackpool Tattoo Convention

11th, 18th, 25th September - Blackpool Show

3rd October - Corporate Booking

9th October - Blackpool Show

11th October - Corporate Booking Cambridge

18th October - KINK, Warrington

25th October - Blackpool Show

14th November - Mask Ball, Huddersfield

15th November - Ramada Hotel, sutton Coldfield

8th December - Mercedes Benz Launch

19th December- Corporate Booking, Holmes Chapel


4th- 6th Jan - Newcastle salsa festival

26th Jan - Flirty not Dirty

31st Jan - Flirty not Dirty, Ascot

2nd Feb - Private PArty, Brighton

9th Feb - Private Party, Lincoln

21st Feb - Tobi James Presents..., Darlington

22nd Feb - Flirty not Dirty, Windsor

23rd Feb - Hen Party Manchester

2nd March - Hen Party, Liverpool

9th March - Hen Party, Harrogate

15th March - Le Salon, London

16th March - Bouquet Burlesque, Rotherham

22nd- 24th March - Edinburgh

5th April - Le Salon, London

6th April - Sequinned Events, Preston (day)

6th April - Naughty Faery Festival, Wigan

12th- 14th - Sexy Festival, Austria

26th April - Madame JoJo's, Soho

10th May - Private Booking

23rd - 28th May - Monaco

1st June - Burlesque, Chester Theatre

7th June - Sparkle LOunge, Lancaster

8th June - Enchanted Garden Ball Devon

9th - Looking Glass Burlesque, Chester

28th June - Looking Glass Show, Cumbria

6th July - Shrewsbury Ball

13th July - Workhouse Festival, LLanfyllin

19th July - Looking Glass Show

26th- 28th - Kendal Calling Festival

3rd August - Enchanted Burlesque, Crescent Theatre, Birmngham

9th - 11th August- BoomTown Festival, London

16th - 18th August Beautiful days Festival, Devon

31st August - Electro wing Ball, Telford

6th Sept - Show , leeds

7th Sept- Looking Glass, Oswaldtwistle

12th Sept - TK MAXX Jewellery Launch 27th - 29th - Miss PinUp Uk, London

5th Oct - Looking Glass, Rhyl

6th Oct - Looking Glass Burlesque, Chester

7th Oct - Albert Halls, Bolton

12th Oct - Flirty not Dirty, Twickenham

1st Nov - Looking Glass, Preston

23rd Nov - Looking Glass, Warrington

30th Nov - Blue Rooms, Northampton

6th Dec - Private Party, Birmingham

7th Dec - Sparkle Lounge, Lancaster

21st - Sparkle Lounge, Lancaster

28th Dec - Kitty le Creme, Northampton



January 20th - Private PartyJanuary 28th - Private PartyJanuary 28th - Cabaret Night, Whitchurch

February 4th - Coquette,York

Febuary 24th - Revelation - Wrexham

March 2nd - Looking Glass, Manchester

March 10th - Enchanted Burlesque - Steeple Asont, Oxford

March 30th - Nancy Bordello, Newcastle Upon Tyne

March 31st Enchanted Burlesque - Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham

April 8th - Varitease, Leeds

April 15th - Secret Sundae, Birmingham

April 16th - Dance House Theatre, Manchester

April 27th - Sparkle Lounge, Lancaster

April 28th - Black Tassel Lounge, Shrewsbury

May 3rd - Liverpool

May 5th - Black Tassel Lounge, Oswestry

May 25th - Enchanted Burlesque- Worcester

June 9th - Openminded, Birmingham

June 29th - Flirty not Ditty, Windsor

July 13th - Private Party, Shrewsbury

August 2nd - PROUD, Camden

August 10th - Sparkle Lounge, Lancaster

August 18th - BCB, Birmingham

August 31st - pedigree, Oswestry

September 7th - Flirty Not Dirty, Shoreditch, London

September 22nd - Dance Black Tie Ball - Burley Dam

September 28th - Black Tassel Lounge

October 5th - Burlesque Company, Birmingham

October 6th - Black TasselLounge

October 7th - Looking Glass, Chester

October 12th - Rockliffe Hall, Darlington

October 19th - sexy n Sensual Festival, London

October 26th - Flirty not Dirty, Windsor

October 27th - The Looking Glass, Clitheroe

November 17th - Boom Boom Burlesque, Manchester

November 29th - Ladies Evening, Huddersfield

November 30th - Flirty not Dirty, Windsor

December 1st - Blackpool Burlesque

December 8th - Colchester, ARmy Party

Decembe 12th - Sparkle Lounge, Lancaster



6th - Bambie Dear Presents................, Newcastle

MArch 4th - Embraced Burlesque - Wolvehampton

March 5th - BCB, West Brom

March 25th - Sparkle Lounge

April 1st - BCB, Birmingham

April 2nd - Teeside Dance Festival

MAy 6th - BCB

May 7th - Private Party

May 13th - Le Jardin Taquine - Glasgow

May 15th - Liverpool Tattoo Convention

June 5th - Cirque du Lass, Manchester

June 10th -Burlesque Evening , MArket Drayton

June 18th - BCB - Blackpool

June 24th -Madame JoJo's - Soho, London

June 25th - Knitting & Crochet Club - Stockport

July 8th - Miss Hilton Presents....... - Worcester

July 9th - Cirque du Lass, Manchester

July 22 - Burly Show - Newcastle upon Tyne

July 29th - Private Parties

Aug 22nd - North Wales Dance Weekender

September 10th - Moulin Rouge, Whitchurch

Sept 23rd - Newcastle Upon Tyne Burlesque Ball Show

Oct 29th - Private PArty

Nov 4th - BCB, Birmingham

Nov 12th - Macmillan SHow BCB

Nov 18th - Round Table Gala Night


March - Enchanted Burlesque - Birmingham